IVECO C70 passagerare minibuss

IVECO C70 passagerare minibuss
Bild: IVECO C70 passagerare minibuss
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80 000 €
≈ 98 392 US$
≈ 804 664 kr
Tillverkare IVECO
Modell C70
Typ passagerare minibuss
Första registrering 02/2017
Säten 29+1+1
Plats Rumänien BUCURESTI
Publiceringsdatum feb 12, 2018
Autoline ID DN11949
Kraft 170 hk (125 kW)
Bränsle diesel
Volym 3000 cm³
Cyl num 6
Euro VI
Typ manuell
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Diesel Euro 6 engine output: 125 kW
• Manual Transmission
• Length of bus body: 8598 mm
• Body bus width 2,350 mm
• Height bus: 3000 mm
• Mechanical front suspension, pneumatic rear suspension
• Stainless steel structure
• Storage Path side and rear aluminum
• wrapped interior components in addition
• Two passenger access doors with electric drive mechanism
• electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors
• Interior rear view mirror
• Thermal and sound insulation of the passenger compartment
• linoleum installation skid, wear-resistant
• Sunroof glass emergency exit
• panoramic side windows with UV protection
• Air conditioning 20kW brand Yilkar
• AC ducts with light luggage rack with individual lamps for each row of seats
• Stationary heater
• Car radiators longitudinal (4 pieces)
• Chairs plus 29 pieces
• Seat Guide
• driver seat with mechanical suspension
• Devices parasols, driver and guide
• Mounted struts inside and boarding
• Radio MP3
• Safety glass sunroof output size 60cm / 75cm
• thermal and acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment
• Mounting set panoramic windows
• Arranging chairs and floor mounting with anti-slip floor coating resistant matching the interior trim
• Made resistance structure (pillars) within habitat
• Leather interior trim (carpet)
• Mounted lighting installation independent car plant in March passenger compartment ceiling fluorescent lamps (2x8W)
• Mounted curtains on each window in the passenger compartment
• Mounted handrails to climb in the passenger compartment
• Hammers, inscriptions and ideograms according to the regulations in force RAR
• Approval from Romanian Auto Registry
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